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Stripping Process

Aluminum Wheel Stripping Products to Strip and Remove Paint & Powder Coating from Aluminum Alloy Wheel Rims.

Use MILES 8660 at room temperature as received at 100% concentration, immerse aluminum wheels in MILES 8660 stripping solution in a stainless steel or polypropylene tank for 2-hours to overnight. For accelerated strip times heat MILES 8660 stripping solution to 135F.-145F in a stainless steel or polypropylene immersion tank with a mixer, lid and local ventilation to strip and remove coatings in 7 minutes to 2-hours, depending on coating type and film build. Do not leave parts or wheels in tank more than 2-hours when heating solution, chemical attack may occur over 2-hours immersion.


Apply MILES 8659-Gel with natural bristle brush and let set on surface for 2 to 6 hours to remove powder coating.

To remove OEM Automotive coatings, let MILES 8659-Gel sit overnight. Rinse with fresh water with a pressure washer at 1500psi to 5,000 psi to remove loose coating in recessed areas of the aluminum alloy wheel.  

Aluminum Wheel Stripping Process Images
Aluminum Wheel Strip Tank Wheel Basket
Aluminum Wheel Stripping Tank
Aluminum Wheel Stripping Solution MILES 8648 at 50% with water at 135F.
Aluminum Wheel Stripped in MILES 8648 Stripping Solution
Aluminum Wheel stripped in MILES 8648 stripping solution

Image #1 is our custom fabricated 4-wheel, heated, stainless steel immersion tank with lid and mixer.


Image #2 is our custom fabricated 4-wheel basket/stand with sludge screen in the bottom.

Image #3 is MILES 8660 at 50% concentration with water at 135 degrees F., stripping solution.

Image #4 is an aluminum wheel stripped in MILES 8660 stripping solution, in original, like new condition.

Image #5 is a clear coated, polished aluminum wheel, stripped with MILES 8660 15 minutes at 135F.,

surface, still bright and ready to re-coat without having to re-polish. 

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